Buy Stylish Wooden Skirting in Dubai

Among the best skirting suppliers in UAE, we provide wooden skirting in Dubai with the latest designs. Our wooden skirting board comes in a variety of textures and colors. It gives any place, whether residential or commercial, a smooth, modern, fine, and finished appearance. You can also paint our wooden skirting of your choice.

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Give Your Place A Tidy Look With Our Wooden Skirting In Dubai

Our wood skirting instantly provides a tidy look for your place. With our skirting board, you can hide the space gaps between the floor and the wall. The water-resistant coatings prevent them from moisture damage.

We have Wood Skirting Dubai with built-in conduits to hide cables. Their finished wooden appearance keeps the cracks between the wall and floor. Additionally, it hides irregular floor joints. The durable wooden material prevents the walls from hits, dents, and starches.



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Wooden Skirting Dubai


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Wooden Skirting Dubai

Get Free Wooden Skirting Design Consultations

We offer free wooden skirting design consultations, free home visits for wall measurements, and budget-friendly quotes.

Give Your Home A Luxury Look With Our Wood Skirting Dubai

Upgrade your interior decor with our wooden skirting in diverse textures, designs, and styles. We have the best wooden white skirting boards for timeless elegance at affordable rates, suited for every interior theme.


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Designs & style variations available

To add a touch of softness to your interior design, our wooden Bullnose skirting design with its rounded top edge is the optimal choice. We have chamfered wooden skirting Dubai with clear lines and slightly angled cuts for a more contemporary look.

Wooden Skirting Dubai

Explore Our Wooden Skirting Dubai Gallery – 2024

Looking for inspiration in interior design? Take a stroll through our exquisite gallery of wooden skirting. Choose from various styles, finishes, & textures for your home & office renovations. Call now to book your orders.

Wooden Skirting Dubai

Hire Us For Professional Wooden Skirting Installation

We have the best skirting experts at our store for top-notch wooden skirting installation services in Dubai.

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We fill minor wall gaps & imperfections.

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Sanding the wooden surface for a finished look.

Our skirting team seamlessly fits your wooden skirting boards for a finished look, using only standard tools and materials.

We ensure a smooth and perfect finish for your new skirting with quality adhesives and professional carpentry techniques.

Why Choose Us For The Best Wooden Skirting In Dubai?

Plush Furniture offers a wide range of modern skirting boards and installation services. Our wooden skirting boards are contemporary and in line with the latest trends. With highly skilled and trained workers at our store, we do all kinds of wooden skirting installations safely and effectively.

Wooden Skirting Dubai

Quality Range

We feature an extensive catalog of wooden skirting Dubai styles and textures to match your aesthetic vision.

Custom-Made Skirting

Other than standard designs, we craft customized wooden skirting to match your home decor and architectural requirements.

Proven Track Record

With 15+ years as a premier wooden skirting supplier in Dubai, we have completed over 3K+ product deliveries and installations.

Satisfied Customer Reviews On Our Wooden Skirting Dubai

Discover what the true wooden skirting magic feels like. Hear from our satisfied customers sharing their experiences with our skirting products. Know how we transformed their living spaces. Get inspired and book our wooden skirting services.




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There are many wood options for wooden skirting. The most common ones we use include walnut, pine, and oak. All these woods are known for their moisture resistance and high durability to withstand dents and scratches. All the skirting products we have are available at low market prices.

We have the best skirting fitting crew at our store, with years of experience handling skirting jobs. For wooden skirting, we use either nails or adhesives to fit it. We start with an accurate measurement of the walls, precise cutting for the boards, and factoring in corners and edges. Then, as per the customer’s recommendation, we do the final fitting to the base of the wall.

The standard size for wooden skirting is 70 mm to 150 mm, and the standard thickness is 12 mm to 25 mm. However, depending on the room’s dimensions, you can order custom wooden skirting boards to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements.

As a premier wooden skirting installation service provider, we also take care of minor skirting damages. For small scratches, we sand and refinish them for a new-like look. In case of major damage, we will replace the old skirting board with a matching wood and design board to maintain the aesthetic look.

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