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Luxury Furniture Upholstery Dubai Service – Plush Furniture

Exclusive designer furniture may lend elegance and class to any room. Our highly skilled and qualified local Furniture Upholstery Dubai shop can provide you with the outcomes you want using the finest quality fabrics and supplies, whether you want to refurbish your furnishings or offer your sofa a new appearance by replacing its fabric.

Pick from materials that feel lush on your skin and are delectable to the touch. More significantly, choose furniture upholstery fabrics that are both attractive and useful. Some fabrics on the marketplace can be washed in a machine or have already been treated to resist stains. There are even ones that are flame-resistant. Please give us your specifications and let the professionals do it; we at Plush Furniture excel in all kinds of upholstery.

If you’re looking for custom furniture upholstery, be mindful that Plush Furniture has established itself as Dubai’s leading provider of furniture repair and upholstery services. We have several years of experience working on a wide range of household and corporate projects. Plush Furniture is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of services if you’re seeking the best furniture upholstery Dubai service.

Now! Plush Furniture provides modern, dependable, and reasonably priced custom upholstery services. For many years, we have served as an official brand in Dubai, offering you a variety of upholstery services in Dubai, such as leather upholstery restoration, armchair upholstery, sofa reupholstery, chair reupholstery, and comfortable upholstery fabric in Dubai. Call Plush Furniture right away if you have any questions about our upholstery services in Dubai or would like more information.


How We Do Furniture Upholstery In Dubai?

When furniture starts to look dingy or lose its form, replacing it isn’t always the best option, particularly if it is an old work of art or has some sentimental significance to you. The best option in these situations is to get your furniture upholstered by Plush Furniture. Being the best custom-made furniture brand in Dubai, we guarantee our customers the Best Upholstery Services in Dubai.

Our staff has received specialized training to improve and revamp your worn-out furniture while preserving its originality and authenticity so that it seems to be brand-new and contemporary.

From concept design through the resolution phase, Plush Furniture handles every part of your project. The essential components of our service are effective customer service, thorough site monitoring, adherence to budgets and timelines, and routine information sharing with the client.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai

We at Plush Furniture ensure that every stage of the project of our furniture Upholstery Dubai is completed and that all parties involved—the client, the contractors, and everyone else—are informed of every species. Regular contact with service providers, vendors, and advisors throughout the design phase ensures that projects are finished on schedule and under budget.

We at Plush Furniture make sure for our customers that the project has progressed by the original plan once the project work is complete.


Our Versatility Of Furniture Upholstery

Have you turned to Google seeking outdoor furniture upholstery in Dubai or furniture leather upholstery? Stop right now! Plush Furniture is among the best local furniture upholstery shops throughout Dubai because we offer our customers the versatility of furniture upholstery. From a wide range of upholstery fabric in Dubai to quality building materials, we have all that is needed to cover a wide range of upholstery in your furniture décor. Here are some of the furniture upholstery services we offer:


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Furniture Upholstery Dubai


Sofa Covers

With time and frequent usage, it is common for sofa coverings to become dusty and torn. Occasionally, the damages are irreparable. Plush Furniture offers you a large selection of sofa covers made from premium fabric to assist you in addressing this problem.

These sofa covers are available in various colors and materials, so you can pick one that best suits your decor and personal preferences. There is no need to leave the confines of your home; get in touch with us, and one of our specialists will come to your house for free to assess the situation and make recommendations for the highest quality coverings.


Sofa Cushions

Employing sofa cushions may improve the look and coziness of your sofa. At Plush Furniture, we offer our clients a large selection of sofa cushions that are simple to complement your sofa and the decor of your house. Depending on your needs, you may pick from a variety of customized cushion coverings in various colors and fabrics.

With their experience and knowledge, our professionals are consistently available to assist you with Furniture Upholstery Dubai Service and selecting the perfect coverings. To ensure that your cushion has a long life, all of our cushion covers are made using sophisticated fabrics and shades.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai
Furniture Upholstery Dubai


Headboard Upholstery

In houses and bedrooms, headboards serve a variety of purposes. They serve as both a decorative element and a comfortable surface. By giving you a cozy setting, it improves the appearance of your space.

Plush Furniture enables you to accomplish both goals without changing the old headboard with a new one. Simply let our experts visit your location at no cost and do the headboard upholstery for you.


Chair Upholstery

Everyday activities, including eating, studying, attending meetings, working, and other activities that call for a pleasant location to sit involve using chairs. The chair may appear flat and ugly due to all this prolonged usage. However, there is no need to modify or replace it. You may give your worn-out chair upholstery a distinctive new look by choosing Plush Furniture.

Every team member at Plush Furniture is available to help you at any time regarding furniture upholstery in Dubai. Just let us know, and Plush Funiture’s experts will come to your location to assess the condition of your chair and inform you of the associated costs. After receiving your approval, our staff will complete the task within the allotted time frame.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai
Furniture Upholstery Dubai


Leather Sofa Upholstery

When positioned in your living room or on your lawn, leather sofas seem very lovely and remarkable. However, compared to conventional materials, they are more vulnerable to problems and damage. The most frequent issues with leather couches are discoloration, cracking, markings, dryness, damage to delicate stitching, and fading. But instead of replacing your couch for such minor damages, let us assist you in getting these issues resolved.

All-out staff members are highly qualified and experienced to perform the duty of making your sofa seem amazing with assured satisfaction because fixing these problems requires expertise and skill sets. Our staff is educated to handle your sofas as if they were their own.


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Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

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Furniture Upholstery Dubai

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Customized Cushions

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Salient Features Of Furniture Upholstery Dubai

The functionality of an item can be significantly impacted by the use of upholstery in office environments. The selection of the upholstery choice is a crucial step in defining office furniture, whether you use natural cloth for warmth and luxury or leather for heavy traffic areas that need frequent cleaning.

People’s initial and lasting impressions of fabric are formed. Thus, it must seem flawless. Our newly added collection of sunbrella fabric for outdoor Furniture Upholstery Dubai possesses all the specification a durable fabric should have.

We categorize the materials we choose to go with our furniture into fabric categories and consider factors like ease of upholstering, pile type, and fire retardancy. All these factors impact how the material will appear over time, particularly when you add shapes and bends or large expanses of cloth to the mix. Here are some salient features of furniture upholstery in Dubai:


  • Durable

One of the essential qualities of good upholstery is durability. We constantly select high-quality upholstery for this reason. Cotton and other natural textiles were formerly solely used for apparel, but today upholstery service providers prefer to use them for upholstery. These materials have amazing features like staying cold, having smooth textures, having vibrant colors, etc. Compared to former materials, these fabrics are more durable over time. In addition, you may alter the cloth rather than replace the complete piece of furniture if distortion occurs.

  • Negligible Maintenance

Modern upholstery from Plush Furniture is renowned for requiring little upkeep. It can be cleaned with simply a vacuum. It will be cleaned quickly, and neither the color nor the item’s integrity will be affected. Additionally, these fabrics include features like greater bounce spinning, fade resistance, etc. All of these attributes will spare you from routine upkeep.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai
Furniture Upholstery Dubai


  • Huge Décor Themes

There are few possibilities for older upholstery. However, the development of the fabric and interior design sectors currently offers a wide variety of design ideas. You can mix two themes, utilize just one theme, and do much more. You may utilize silk, woven, linear, and other fabrics for your upholstery.

  • Customization

Furniture upholstery Dubai services provide you with the option of custom-build furniture per your tastes or décor requirements. Plush Furniture has covered you with a wide range of upholstery materials coming in various shades, designs, and patterns to perfectly complement any interior. Choose Plush Furniture for flawless furniture upholstery services in Dubai.


We Are Providing Different Types Of Fabric For Furniture Upholstery

The choice of fabric is among the most crucial decisions you’ll have to take, whether you’re purchasing new furnishings or reupholstering an old classic. It might be a little intimidating having so many fabric selections. Prior to choosing the perfect color and design for your space, consider your furniture and way of life when choosing the fabric type. Plush Furniture offers a wide range of furniture upholstery fabrics to choose from:


  • Linen

Linen, which is made of flax, is a very robust natural material. It is naturally glossy, silky, and smooth. Although it can wrinkle readily, linen is inherently resistant to pilling and stains, making it more suitable for casual settings than formal ones. For enhanced flexibility, it is frequently used with cotton in blends.

  • Cotton

Although cotton is resilient and soft, it may also wrinkle quickly and become filthy. Because most cotton may be washed with water and soap, it’s a popular option for slipcovers. It’s uncommon to find upholstery fabric made entirely of cotton; instead, it’s usually a combination. The finest cotton mixes typically include between 45 and 60 percent cotton in them.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai
Furniture Upholstery Dubai


  • Wool

Wool is a strong option for upholstery fabric since it is a natural material made from animal hair. Nevertheless, it can be a little rough, tough to clean, and prone to felting if not used in a mix. Since the majority of the wool upholstery fabric is essentially a mix, this is the reason.

  • Leather

Leather is a strong and hygienic material made from animal skin. However, there are several levels of leather, so to be certain you’re receiving the best, go for our leather option since we provide genuine leather upholstery to our customers at Plush Furniture.


Why Choose Us?

To assure the continued beauty and longevity of our products, as the top major supplier of Furniture Upholstery Dubai services, we at Plush Furniture offer the highest quality, resilient, moisture-resistant upholstery materials.

Whether you wish to reupholster an old couch or want a freshly tailored one, we are professionals in redesigning old-designed couches and beds into contemporary ones.

Plush Furniture is a custom upholstery maker and services supplier that offers expert upholstery & furnishings services if you’re seeking upholstery repair close to where you are.

For you to select your material and discuss your needs in the luxury of your house, we at Plush Furniture also offer free home visits and free quote services.

Furniture Upholstery Dubai

Our skilled employees have years of expertise providing upholstery services throughout Dubai, and they can create any piece of furniture to your specifications in order to match your interior design. Plush Furniture provides the finest décor for both household and corporate projects and is recognized as one of Dubai’s top furniture upholstery businesses.

We provide a wide range of possibilities for your office furnishings, restaurant decor, corporate interior design, bespoke furniture, and sofas. What are you still holding out for? Call Plush Furniture or ask for a free quote right now.


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Yes, you can upholster any piece of your furniture to match the rest of the interior décor if you opt for our upholstery services. Ranging from outdoor furniture upholstery Dubai to bedroom furniture upholstery, we excel at upholstery services for all furniture.

Outdoor furniture upholstery in Dubai is among our expertise, and Plush Furniture will not disappoint you with premium outdoor furniture upholstery service. Call us right away for outdoor furniture upholstery services quote.

Start by selecting high-quality furnishings. Then get a lot of high-quality upholstery fabric. Prepare all the tools you will need for furniture upholstery. Then take the furniture’s present cloth off. Before measuring and cutting your new fabric, clean your furniture. Once all the fabric has been reattached to your furnishings, stitch on any piping, hooks, or connect the feet or legs to the underside. Attach your replacement fabric to your furniture.

For children, pets, and ordinary wear and tear, microfibre and Ultrasuede are excellent choices. Crypton may be your finest option if you’re worried about spillage and discoloration. It is an antibacterial fabric with a stain-repelling liquid barrier. Regarding durability and ease of cleaning, leather is another excellent choice.