Buy Our Stylish Brick Wallpaper in Dubai

We have the best brick wallpapers in Dubai to make your place stand out. Our stylish 3D wallpapers with brick patterns are the best choice for rustic appeal. We offer the best brick wallpaper for every type of place. Call now to get online price estimates from our team.

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Eye-Catching Features Of Our Brick Wallpapers Dubai

You will love all the designs and effects we offer at our best wallpaper shop. Our brick wallpapers in Dubai can add a unique and creative touch to your place and perfectly match your existing decor.

The 3D brick wall paper we offer is thicker than the average wallpaper, so it is less likely to tear. They are made with non-toxic PVC, which is durable, eco-friendly, and non-emission—safe for your home walls.

Wear & Tear Resistance90%


Aesthetic Appeal100%

Brick Wallpaper Dubai


Team Members


Experience Years

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

We Have the Best Brick Wallpaper Collection is your reliable partner for interior decoration. We sell brick-style wallpaper at affordable prices. We have 10+ brick styles of these wallpapers. Contact us to book free sample deliveries.

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Call Now for Free Wallpaper Design Consultations

We offer complimentary consultation to help you buy the right brick wallpaper in Dubai. For improved interior decor, get the best design consultation from our experts.

Add Charm To Your Place With Our Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Our brick wallpaper collection in Dubai features stunning options for every room’s decor. Now, you can bring impactful visuals to your place with our black brick texture wallpaper. Additionally, these wallpapers create a rustic look for your interiors.


Varying brick designs & patterns

Perfection in wallpaper installation

So, glorify the interior design of your living rooms and bedrooms with our 3D brick wallpaper Dubai, made from moisture-resistant PVC. The all-white brick design is a perfect modern home wall decor element, featuring optimal light reflection.

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Our Recent Brick Wallpaper Projects in Dubai

We have done over 1.5K+ brick wallpaper installations in Dubai for optimal wall decor. Check out some of our best works here at our exclusive projects gallery. Get inspired and choose a style.

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

We Provide Professional Brick Wallpaper Installation in Dubai

Professional wallpaper fixing and installation is the best way to enjoy brick wallpaper Dubai serviceability for longer.

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We offer mess-free wallpaper fitting

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Pocket-friendly wallpaper fixing service

Among the top wallpaper companies in the UAE, we have expertise in installing all types of wallpapers.

We have the best team with 10+ years of experience for brick wallpaper installation in Dubai. Call now to book an appointment with our team.

Why Choose Us For Brick Wallpaper In Dubai?

We have grown into a top brand in Dubai with our quality brick-style wallpaper services. We provide striking brick designs and 3D textures for stunning wall decor. As a professional brick wallpaper company, we have a team of talented individuals who have the knowledge and skills needed to design, create, and install perfect-looking brick wallpapers.

Brick Wallpaper Dubai

Quick Service

Call or email us if you’d like to take advantage of our brick wallpaper Dubai services.

Free Service Amenities

We do free on-call or in-person design consultations and wall measurements for quotes.


We design brick wallpaper with custom designs and patterns according to your choice.

Our Happy Customers Reviews About Our Brick Wallpapers

We have built a strong client base with our 15+ years of continued service in the brick wallpaper market. Check out these words of praise from our satisfied customers to join our satisfied customer family.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have these brick wallpapers installed in bathrooms. For this, we have brick-style wallpapers made from PVC material. These wallpapers are resistant to moisture damage and last very long.

We have the best wallpaper fitting experts to install new brick wallpapers over existing ones. Before installation, they will ensure the wall underneath is not damaged or uneven. After taking care of all the repairs, they will install brick wallpaper quickly.

For brick wallpapers’ secure & firm installation, we use high-quality adhesives. Our adhesives for residential place brick wallpaper are mostly non-toxic, solvent-free pastes. As for the commercial spaces, we use heavy-duty strengthened glue adhesives. Both these offer long-lasting adhesive effects.

Yes, brick wallpapers in Dubai are in style for wall coverings and decor. Their actual brick-like appearance offers a rustic yet modern interior look. Additionally, our 3D brick-style wallpaper transforms the overall appearance of your place at a very cost-effective price.

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