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If you are a nature lover or want to decore your place with a more natural look then, you are at the right site.

Because we have the best 3D brick wallpaper for residents of Dubai. That will stand out at your place. We bring a lot of unique and creative ideas to decore your space with quality material at Plush Furniture.

When you want a natural complementing place with an overloaded twist of rustic appeal, Brick wallpaper Dubai is the best choice. Everyone wants their spaces to look extraordinary by using brick-like wallpaper, which is the latest trend.

We offer customers the best brick effect wallpapers based on their most desired needs. Whatever room you want to decorate, brick wallpaper can be used.

Best Brick Wallpaper
Painted White Brick Wallpaper


Eye-Catching Features Of Our 3D White Brick Wallpaper

You can add a unique and creative touch to your place with this 3D brick wallpaper. But once you will know each feature you will make it your top priority for your interior design. You will love all the designs and effects that we offer at our best wallpaper shop in Dubai.

So, let’s count on every feature now!

A Perfect Stitch:

A perfect match can be achieved between the patterns. Once the wallpaper is positioned properly, you will see the seams are perfectly aligned. Using the grid on the back makes measuring and cutting easier.

Stronger Glue & Thicker Paper:

The 3D brick wallpaper we offer is thicker than the average wallpaper, so it is less likely to tear. This brick wallpaper is made with high-quality, non-toxic PVC that is durable, eco-friendly, and non-emission. It is safe for your house walls and for your home.

Ideal For Different Spaces:

It is the perfect wallpaper for decorating the home, kitchen, TV wall, kids’ room, break room, living room, accent wall, and anything else you can come up with.

Take A Look At Our Mesmerizing Brick Dubai Wallpaper Designs

In addition to stylish and versatile design patterns, textures, and color profiles, our brick Dubai wallpapers are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and designs. White brick wallpaper, 3d brick wallpaper, black brick textured wallpaper, and a variety of other patterns are among the most popular styles.

As an alternative to Brick Wallpaper, you may want to opt for 3D brick wall stickers if you want to create a particular decor organization or specific coverage. Besides being extremely easy to apply and use, these stickers can be conveniently applied on your own and styled exactly how you want.


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Black Brick Wallpaper

Add A Real Visual At Your Place With Black Brick Texture Wallpaper

Now you can bring real visuals to your place with our black brick texture wallpaper.

We offer brick wallpaper that transforms any room and adds a special touch to your house’s decor. We offer 3D brick wallpapers which are the most popular among modern wallpaper designs. The addition of superb-looking brick wallpaper can create a minimalistic design statement.

Wallpaper that looks like bricks is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Adding bricks to a building has become increasingly popular. People can add visually realistic brick looks to their homes with our collection of 3D brick wallpaper in Dubai.

The Best Brick Style Wallpaper Collections At Affordable Prices

Providing you with the most practical and modern wood furniture solutions for your rooms, Plush furniture is your reliable partner for interior decoration. We sell brick wallpaper and 3D brick wall stickers at affordable prices, and the rest of the budget-friendliness comes from their prolonged durability. As well as being extremely convenient, they are also extremely easy to maintain.

With our Brick Wallpaper Dubai, you will be able to upgrade your decor at a very affordable price. There is nothing better than these wallpapers and wall stickers for your decor needs – they are durable, highly damage-resistant, and will remain your charming decor creators for years to come.

Brick Pattern red Wallpaper Faux Effect


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Brick Pattern pastel Wallpaper

Brick Pattern pastel Wallpaper

Stone Effect White Brick Wallpaper

Stone Effect White Brick Wallpaper

Realistic Embossed Brick Wallpaper

Realistic Embossed Brick Wallpaper

Grey Wallpaper Faux Effect Realistic Embossed Brick

Grey Wallpaper Faux Effect Realistic Embossed Brick

Faux Effect Realistic Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Faux Effect Realistic Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Country Stone Pattern Brown Wallpaper

Country Stone Pattern Brown Wallpaper

Our Brick Wallpaper Dubai Installation Service Is Professional

Brick wallpaper has many options and isn’t as easy to install as some other wallpapers. Professional wallpaper fixing and installation is the best way to ensure the perfect installation of these wallpapers. Among the top wallpaper companies in the UAE, we have expertise in installing brick wallpaper.

All types of brick wallpaper can be removed and installed by our professional & experienced team.

You can choose from a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures when choosing our wallpapers. At an affordable price, you can take advantage of our services!

Beige Grey Brick Wallpaper

Count On Us For Top-Quality Brick Wallpaper In Dubai

With our wallpaper installation and removal services, Plush Furniture has grown into a top brand in Dubai. Providing high-quality wallpaper in Dubai with striking designs and textures is what we do best. Its flawlessness and smooth finish have earned our brick wallpaper designs in Dubai a reputation among customers.

As a professional wallpaper company, we have a team of talented individuals who have the knowledge and skills needed to design, create, and install perfect-looking wallpapers. Call us or send us an email if you’d like to take advantage of our brick wallpaper Dubai services. Responses to queries are provided as soon as possible!

Grab this amazing top best brick wallpaper Dubai from plush furniture now! Now your place will be more enhanced. 

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Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj
April 7, 2023
Edge had done an amazing refurbishment of our couches. Thanks to the Team
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Sn SumaN
March 17, 2023
zaihana ali
zaihana ali
April 24, 2022
They done the job well. Great service
Patricia Hennessy
Patricia Hennessy
March 11, 2022
Hakeem & Rajesh we’re part of my excellent team at Everrest, their work is excellent & to a very high European standard, plus they are very nice to work with.
sanjeed shan
sanjeed shan
February 21, 2022
It's hard to find good quality, specific restaurants furniture. You might spend days driving around UAE. I had a great experience with TEAM EDGE&CURVE for the restaurant furniture and found just what I was looking for. Absolutely amazing quality and design.. Go with Team Edge u will never feel guilty! Highly recommended
Kiran KC
Kiran KC
February 21, 2022
Highly recommended company with quality products at competitive prices and excellent service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are going to apply removable wallpaper to a smooth, clean, and drywall, make sure it is smooth, clean, and dry beforehand. There will be no adhesion between the wallpaper and brick walls or any uneven texture on the wall.

I’m glad to say no! If you are gently removing wall decals, wall stickers, or removable wallpaper, no damage should be done to the paint underneath.

To stick something to a brick or to a brick wall, you will need a strong adhesive if you do not want to go through all that trouble.

The brick wallpaper trend in home interiors offers a rustic yet contemporary look to your home. You can create a calming and stylish living room or bedroom by bringing the outdoors in