Get Expert Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

We offer top-notch Wallpaper Fixing Dubai services at very pocket-friendly prices. We provide the best wallpaper installation in Dubai for flawless wall decor, leaving no bubbles. Our team of wallpaper-fixing experts, with years of experience, will seamlessly install modern wallpapers without any mess or hassle.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Improve Wall Decor With Our Wallpaper Fixing Dubai Services

After hiring us, you will get the premier service for wallpaper installation in commercial & residential spaces. Our seamless wallpaper fixing in Dubai gives your walls an aesthetic appeal like never before.

We ensure that no air bubbles are left within the fitted wallpapers to prevent moisture and mold build-ups. During the installation, we take care of all minor wall imperfections for a smooth, finished look. We also add on-demand soundproofing underlay for your wallpapers for moderate noise control.

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Aesthetic Appeal95%

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai


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Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

We Professionally Install Every Type of Wallpaper

As a top-rated wallpaper fixing service provider, we install different types of wallpaper. From brick wallpaper to kids’ room wallpaper to office wallpaper, we can install any type of wallpaper at any place.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Call Us Now For Free Wall Measurement Services

At, we care for our customers and thus offer many free services. These include free wall measurements, consultations, and discount prices of up to 15%.

We Install Wallpapers with 100% Precision

We use multiple wallpaper fixing methods for the specific wallpaper type, each done perfectly for maximum visual appeal. In our steam wallpaper fixing in Dubai, we use steam over the wallpaper as the roller passes over the glued part for secure adhesion.


Different Wallpaper Fixing Methods


Wallpaper Fixing Expert Team Members

Our dual wallpaper adhesive pasting method ensures that both the walls & wallpaper have a thick adhesive layer for smooth wallpaper fixing. The double-cut strip wallpaper installation leads to the accurate cutting of wallpaper in shorter strips. Each strip is installed by our team with non-toxic glue adjacent to the first one.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Our Installed Wallpapers Across UAE

Ditch your simple walls and unlock the new wall decor with our wallpaper fixing Dubai services. Check out our stunning gallery of the latest wallpaper installations for homes, offices, and other commercial buildings.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Hire Us For Quick Wallpaper Fixing Services In Dubai

We believe in a transparent wallpaper installation in Dubai. From consultation service to the final wallpaper installation, each step is done smoothly and quickly.

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We fix wall imperfections for a leveled surface.

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Premium adhesives & best-fixing techniques.

We let you choose from our multiple wallpaper installation methods & the type of adhesive for wallpaper fixing.

You get a team of not one, not two, but four wallpaper fixing experts for wall measurements, wallpaper cutting, trimming, and final installation.

Why Prefer Us For Wallpaper Fixing In Dubai?

We believe in quality wallpaper fixing, and thus we ensure 100% customer satisfaction for each wallpaper fixing Dubai project. You get comprehensive wallpaper-fixing services at affordable rates for stunning wall decor. Our services are available all year long at very reasonable charges.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

Quality Assurance

We pay attention to every detail during wallpaper installation and fixing. We also take care of imperfect walls and guarantee a flawless look.

Quick & Reliable

We understand the need for quick wallpaper fixing services in Dubai and thus offer fast turnaround time with a streamlined installation and fixing.

Flexible Booking

We offer flexible work schedules that cater to your needs. So contact us to schedule the date and time for wallpaper installation when you are free.

What Our Satisfied Customers

If you are looking for eye-catching wallpaper for your walls, call us. Hear what our happy customers say about our wallpaper fixing Dubai services, and get inspired to hire our team.




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For this, we use paint similar in color to that of the wallpaper. We carefully paint those seams with a fine brush until the gaps are no longer visible between the seams. This is a quick fix for the less visible gaps. However, this is a much more feasible fix than redoing the wallpaper.

The time it takes to fix wallpaper depends on factors like the wallpaper type, the condition of the walls, the installation method, and the coverage area. If a single room needs a 4-wall wallpaper installation, we will do it in just one day. If more than one room needs it, it can take 2 to 3 days.

Yes, we apply a primer before the adhesive and final wallpaper fixing in Dubai. Primer works like a sealant for your walls, preventing moisture build-up. Also, the primer creates a protective layer between the wall and the adhesive. If we don’t use it, the adhesive will be absorbed by the wall.

Yes, we have experts who can handle wallpaper installation over existing wallpaper. For this, they will first ensure that the earlier wallpaper is not torn or damaged and that the surface is perfectly leveled. Once they have taken the necessary steps, they will do a new wallpaper installation.

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