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Buy Our Modern Living Room Wallpaper For Unique Touch

The most eloquent way to express your inner thoughts is to let your walls reflect your imagination. Decorate your room wall with the best living room wallpaper to enhance its appearance.

Your thoughts can be reflected in your wallpaper, allowing you to design the world of your dreams. It adds a sense of splendor to the entire room without costing much. Dubai’s best wallpaper store offers designer and affordable wallpaper for a living room.

For a cost-effective solution for beautifying walls, Plush Furniture provides quality wallpapers. Wallpapers have a long tradition with us. With a customized wallpaper service, we hope to contribute to the future journey of wallpapers by adding our contribution to this matchless journey.

Best living room wallpaper dubai
Jungle Leaf Wallpaper


Bring Decency To Your Space With Our Best Living Room Wallpaper in Dubai

When decorating your living room, wallpaper offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your interior flair. Here’s some good news! Whether you are building your dream space or updating an existing one, we have the latest collection of living room wallpaper to meet your needs.

Please take advantage of our full range of wallpaper designs for the living room to give your room a touch of luxury after a busy day. Homeowners love feature walls since they provide them with a chance to introduce a new color or print without having to devote a lot of time and effort to it.


Living Room Wallpaper Designs – Choose Online Now

Plush Furniture offers wallapers with a wide range of colors and styles. Choose your favorite and get a quotation from our installation team.

Floral Leaf Pattern
Geometric Circles
Geometric Shapes
Jungle Palm Leaf
Metallic Stripe Geometric Smooth
Peacock Wallpaper
Stone Pattern
Tree Pattern Cream
Wood Panel Effect
Concrete Effect
Damask Woodland Hand Painted
Palm Leaf


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Affordable Solution For A Makeover With Living Room Wallpaper

Would you like to decorate your walls with unique wallpaper? Dreams can come true with our living room wallpaper designs. Now you can buy awesome living room wallpapers at an affordable price. Wallpaper is the cheapest option compared to wall tiles and texture creation.

Providing unique wallpapers for the living room is what the showroom at Plush Furniture does best. With wallcoverings for your living space, you can add a touch of elegance to your living room.

Jungle Wallpaper With Leopards And Birds

To Create Aesthetic Touch, Get Our Artistic Living Room Wallpapers

In Search of Living Room Wallpaper in Dubai, getting suitable wallpaper is extremely important because we know people spend most of their time in their rooms.

The wallpaper we have for your room can help create a comfortable and stylish lounge that you will love.

With a wide range of modern wall designs, our Dubai living room wallpapers will leave you stunned.

Shop our brick wallpaper for the living room that will enhance the beauty of your home interior as we give consultancy to buy wallpaper matching your home decor.

We Are The Best Supplier Of Living Room Wallpaper in Dubai

There are many living room wallpaper suppliers in Dubai. However, we offer wallpapers in plenty of effects and styles such as brick wallpaper, marble effect, floral printed designs, and artistic effects wallpapers. Our company provides a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, and we can also help you choose the best wallpaper for your office or home.

In our wallpaper store in Dubai, you can choose from various textures, colors, and designs. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you in selecting suitable wallpaper for your living room.

The materials we use for our wallpaper in Dubai are high quality and have been designed to last a long time. You can get a free consultation with us if you are unsure what wallpaper is suitable for your home. You won’t need to worry about anything because of our fast and hassle-free installation service.

Palm Tree Leaves Wallpaper


Choose Your Style

Browse our gallery and choose your style so we can customized it accordingly.

Palm Tree Leaves Wallpaper

Palm Tree Leaves Wallpaper

Neutral Stone Living Room Wallpaper

Neutral Stone Living Room Wallpaper

Floral Damask Living Room Wallpaper In Black

Floral Damask Living Room Wallpaper In Black

Cream Turquoise Blue Wallpaper

Cream Turquoise Blue Wallpaper

3D Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper

3D Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper

Self Adhesive Living Room Wallpaper

Self Adhesive Living Room Wallpaper

Professional Wallpaper Installation For Your Living Room That Won’t Damage Your Walls

In addition to being a leading brand, we provide professional wallpaper installation and fixing services throughout the entire UAE. Our mission is to keep abreast of every low and high trend in wallpaper repair in the market and to lead the way.

If needed, we offer a package of services ranging from modifying or removal of your old living room wallpaper to installing a new one.

Further, we offer incredibly reasonable prices along with keeping the standard high, so getting all these services from us will not be a burden on your wallet.

Teal Blue Green Wallpaper

What Makes You Choose Us For Living Room Wallpaper

We are the top online wallpaper store in UAE, providing the best quality services at the best prices. We guarantee to provide our customers with the best wallpaper fixers who are professional and well-trained. As a top-rated online wallpaper shop, we specialize in this service. As part of our wallpaper installation and removal services in Dubai, we also provide wallpaper covering services.

You can also get these wallpapers delivered. You can count on us to deliver your order quickly and reliably anywhere in the UAE. Our delivery rates are also reasonable. Changing your living room’s decor is as easy as ordering our living room wallpaper.

All that you need for fixing and installing your living room wallpaper is available at the doorstep of our best living room wallpaper supplier in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Being slightly embossed, textured wallpapers for the living room offer a unique look and feel. Additionally, textures can be rough, smooth, or mixed, depending on your taste.

It is common now to find washable and scrubbable wallpaper. Wallpaper for your bathroom area can be solid vinyl, vinyl coated, or nonwoven. It would help if you avoid acrylic and grasscloth prints in these areas because they are too delicate.

Wallpaper can be easily maintained by vacuuming or dusting it with a damp sponge or soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Use a gentle vacuum attachment to avoid damaging the texture.

Wallpaper hung “paste the wall” is not as difficult as it may seem, thanks to new techniques. Since the wallpaper won’t need to be applied to, folded, and soaked in the paste before hanging, the process has been simplified.