What Color Curtains Go with Grey Walls? – 10 Ideas

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Especially for individuals who choose a neutral tone for their decoration, grey is undoubtedly one of the most popular wall colors. This classic color also has a versatile quality that enables it to fit seamlessly into virtually any interior and design style, whether it be more conventional options like rustic and vintage or current options like contemporary or minimalist.

The grey wall is adaptable because it contrasts well with practically any color. It can therefore serve as the ideal foundation for any challenging, vivid finishes, accessories, or furniture.

Even for straightforward selections, having too many options can be confusing and overwhelming. To prevent this, we will provide you with color suggestions for curtains, a specific piece of furniture that will undoubtedly complement the grey walls.

Designer Ideas For Color Curtains Go With Grey Walls

Our interior designers in Dubai provide modern and contemporary ideas for decorating your home and office. They shared some unique ideas about what color curtains will look best with your grey walls. These ideas will work best for any space from the bedroom to the living room.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Curtain Color

If you want to create the best theme for your space, you might need these tips about what color curtains go with grey walls.

Grey with White Color Curtain

Grey with White Color

The best mate for any shade of grey is undoubtedly white. It’s not only a safe and simple option, but it may also add a lovely, sharp contrast that will harmonize with the grey walls while enhancing their visual appeal.

Gray and white might be the ideal color scheme for any modern, contemporary, or minimalist environment, but they can also look great in classic or vintage designs.

Choosing a medium grey shade is preferable because it can make your bedroom look more lovely. Since it can provide the appearance of a higher ceiling, hanging the curtains like an interior designer from a higher place will be more appealing than any other option. Overall, it is much more successful than any offer.

A better appearance can be achieved by selecting attractive sheer curtains. Your home will seem significantly different when the white curtain is draped and the white ceilings are used. If your walls are a darker shade of grey, even though it is also ideal, choose medium-dark wood floors.

Grey Wall with Beige Color Curtain

Grey with Beige Color

Beige is another ideal color that may blend seamlessly into any room with a grey color scheme. By selecting our beige curtains, you can ultimately create a warm and inviting atmosphere by balancing out the chilly tone of the grey wall.

Furthermore, beige accents can be handy for bringing some earthy, natural looks that are necessary to prevent the potential dreary and monotonous looks that frequently result from using grey as the primary color. Warmer beige and cooler greys are excellent choices to create an illusion in your home.

Beige is the color of choice for most people since it is preferred over any other color. It is simple to coordinate with the grey furnishings. A trendy appearance can be nicely created by adding some soft tan drapes. This blends in flawlessly with your brick walls; however, Ring-header eyelet curtains
are also ideal  for painted walls.

Grey Wall with Charcoal Color Curtain

Grey with Charcoal Colour

Undoubtedly, any dark grey walls won’t suit this selection. However, this might be an intriguing choice if the wall is painted a lighter shade of grey. While still adding a little bit of lovely bold contrast to make them immediately distinguishable, the dark grey or charcoal grey curtains will maintain the grey tone flowing in harmony between the walls and curtains. You should use the darker charcoal grey curtains if your floors are lighter in hue.

The contrast color is typically one of the top options and performs better than we anticipate. On the other hand, it is also possible to incorporate black accents into the wrought iron curtain rods; this works better as darkness in opposition to natural light, ensuring that your space receives an adequate amount of sunlight. Therefore, choosing charcoal grey curtains is preferable. However, this can keep your room cool and add more vibrant, fun colors.

Grey Wall With Blue Cobalt Curtain

Grey with Blue Cobalt

Due to their ability to both contrast and complement one another, blue and grey can produce a distinctive appearance. Thus, if you want more vibrant, colorful options, choosing blue blackout curtains with grey walls is one of your finest possibilities. Any blue will go well with grey, but this cobalt blue is one of our favorites.

These curtains can be a wonderful colorful addition to enhance the appearance of the grey walls while also bringing a warm, enjoyable, and breezy feel to the entire house. We know that blue and greys are both quite common choices and function better than other hues.

Blue Walls? Here are some curtain color ideas you might want to try

Any grey wall will look great with this combination. These, though, fit in naturally. You must consider a variety of aspects when selecting curtains. If you choose this option, you may both appreciate the sparkly white sheet and how well it complements a heavier teal curtain.

Place a mirror next to some miniature bonsai plants to add more elegance. It is ideal for giving your room a stylish appearance.

Grey Wall with Dark Blue Curtain

Grey with Dark Blue

Choose dusty blue or greyish-blue curtains if you desire a more seamless appearance between the walls and drapes. These blue shades had a discernible amount of grey undertone, allowing them to mix in well with any grey walls while having a characteristic blue hue that gave the room a classy appearance. Warmer blue and cooler greys are excellent choices if you want to create an illusion in your home.

Blue is the color of choice for most people since it is preferred over any other color. It is simple to coordinate with the grey furnishings. A trendy appearance can be nicely created by adding some soft tan drapes. This blend in flawlessly with your brick walls; however, they are also ideal for painted walls.

Grey Wall with Lime Color Curtain

Grey with Lime Color

The lack of vivid, punchy features is one of the most typical issues with any bedroom or living area with grey walls. By combining any bright and vibrantly colored products, such as lime curtains, you may find a solution to this issue. This distinctive shade of green is sure to catch everyone’s eye and breathe new life into any space.

The natural, fresh appearance of any usual green tint can also be quite helpful in creating an environment that is earthy and attractive to the eye. It is preferable to stick with the grey and lime combo if your grey walls have a tint of lime. One of the greatest options is introducing a grayish-green; it goes nicely with your curtains. But the mix of the shades of the sky and the woods will make the scene even more beautiful. It is preferable to get mossy lime curtains to make your area distinctive. These shades complement any wall color nicely as well. It is particularly appropriate for grey.

Grey Wall with Blush Pink Color Curtain

Grey with Blush Pink Colour

Blush curtains can add a nice pop to softly and subtly break up the monotony of the grey walls. Combining the refinement of grey with the sweetness and glitz of pink can also produce a distinctive, beautiful visual effect that will quickly upgrade your environment. However, blush pink curtains themselves could seem a little odd, so you’ll need to add some other blush accents to the space.

In our ideal world, you should pick this tone e for a curtain in the bedroom and combine it with white furnishings. This color is the ideal balance of pink and purple. Think velvet or linen for a luxurious, velvety appearance and feel when choosing curtains in this color. They are lovely and dreamy and look great in a bedroom or living area.


Grey Wall and White Color

Gray and White Color

Now let’s talk about the two-tone color options. White and grey are undoubtedly one of the best color combinations for these drapes. Most significantly, you may prevent the boring appearances that can happen if you use plain grey curtains because of the white and grey pattern’s ability to maintain the constancy of the grey tone. Choose white and grey curtains with the same shade of grey as your walls for the greatest results.

Curtains with a flowery pattern of white color can be a terrific way to add color and vitality to a room with grey walls. Not for the timid, curtain patterns are a bold decision that requires some careful thought. The room’s design can be made or broken by the print’s scale and the accent colors it adds.

Grey with Navy and White Color

Grey with Navy and White Color

This is a fantastic choice if you are hesitant to use plain blue curtains in your home with grey walls but still want the lovely and opulent appearance of the color blue.

You may still benefit from the blue shade by combining white and blue drapes, while the white pattern helps to soften and lighten it so it doesn’t look too overpowering. Using these patterns, you may also use any challenging hue of blue, such as navy or royal blue, without looking overpowering.

Grey with Green and White Sage Color

Grey with Green and White Sage Color

Here, the same idea is used. If you don’t particularly like plain green curtains, the white and green ones can be a nice alternative. In addition, compared to plain green, the white design can assist the curtains to look much more upscale and fashionable. When choosing a curtain, there are various color options available.

It would be best to examine certain crucial aspects to match the paint color. The green drapes will produce stunning effects. Similar-toned furniture should be sought after because these are excellent for bringing out the green tones in the grey walls.


Overall, using a neutral color scheme that includes whites, greys, and beige is preferable. In contrast to the color of the curtain, your paint color will be affected by your choice of colored curtains. It would be best if you thus determined which color curtains will appear best with grey walls.

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