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Get Outdoor Deck Flooring For Your Patio

Outdoor flooring is gradually turning into a need for property considerations. Outdoor flooring can transform its look, whether a renovated porch or an old balcony. Add a non-slip surface to your garden’s layout or surrounding your pool. At Plush Furniture, you can find outdoor flooring options for all your needs.

We provide wood-plastic hybrid exterior patio floors and Astro Turf grass carpeting. They last as long as feasible, appearing new since the most durable materials have been used in their construction. Consequently, Astroturf, also known as grass carpet, is an excellent choice for your outside spaces. Without the upkeep that actual grass requires, it looks like grass.

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Nothing in this life is free, even our excellent decorating advice! Let’s bring the best choices for a good decision!

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We are recognized for our high-quality items, that have been durable since generations.



The price for the huge choice of Flooring you’ve never heard of or seen before– is extremely reasonable and economical!

Transform Your Outdoor Area Using Outdoor Flooring Dubai

To make your outdoor areas and yard luxuriant, colorful, classy, and more enjoyable, Plush Furniture offer the most attractive, environmentally friendly, and hygienic outdoor tile floorings to modernize your terrace, patios, yards, entrances, and lawns at our flooring shop in Dubai.

We provide a full selection of Outdoor Floor Tiles at reasonable prices, free doorstep shipping, and economical installation services throughout the UAE. We care for your exterior floors and guarantee flawless maintenance.

Our outdoor epoxy flooring has superb build quality and will last a lifetime while giving you a stable surface to walk on. It provides the friendliest outdoor space and raises your property’s worth.

Outdoor Wooden Flooring

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If you intend to install Outdoor Flooring in your home & business, first explore what kind of outdoor flooring we offer

Wood Looking Outdoor Flooring

Wood Looking Outdoor Flooring

Roof Top Outdoor Deck Flooring

Roof Top Outdoor Deck Flooring

Patio Tile Flooring

Patio Tile Flooring

Patio flooring tiles

Patio flooring tiles

Outdoor Grass Carpeting

Outdoor Grass Carpeting

outdoor decking

outdoor decking

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We Are The #1 Garden Patio Flooring Supplier in Dubai

To assist UAE residents with creating the most outstanding and cozy spaces to relax with friends and relatives, Plush Furniture presents the most astounding range of contemporary and luxurious outdoor wooden floor tiles.

Any configuration, design, and pattern may be created for floor tiles. Our exterior tiles are resistant to weather. They always sparkle and make your outdoor décor seem better. Look through our most recent Outdoor Flooring Dubai assortment to pick your preferred tiles.

Artificial Grass Outdoor Flooring Tiles

5 Advantages of Outside Deck Flooring 

Anti-Slip Properties: Installing outside patio tile flooring will be the best fix for slip-and-fall incidents.

Indoors to Outdoors Flow: A seamless crossover between indoor and outdoor spaces may be achieved by using identical design

Diverse Design Choices: Deck floor tiles come in various sizes, and designs to set your backyard decking under the customized pergola.

Adds Value to Your Home: Installing a deck can increase the resale value of your home

Provides a Place for Entertainment: Perfect for hosting parties and events and can create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

We Offer Extensive Outdoor Flooring Options

Wooden Decking: Traditional Tiles like cedar & redwood are popular due to their natural beauty and durability.

Stone Composite Decking: Resistant to fading, stains, and scratches, and it is available in a variety of colors and styles.

PVC Deck Flooring: This synthetic material made from plastic resin that requires little maintenance.

Porcelain Floor: Comparatively new decking material made from high-quality porcelain tiles.

Rubber Floor: Rubber decking is a low-maintenance, slip-resistant option that is often used around pools and in playgrounds.

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Get Affordable & Customized Deck Flooring for Outdoor Space 

We customize outdoor areas with our parquet pattern flooring. We please our elite clients by providing an endless array of patio tiles & balcony flooring in the Dubai range at approximately a 10% discount.

Our outdoor flooring in Dubai exhibits its toughest construction via its longevity. In case you’re looking for the greatest patio flooring installation service providers, you’ve come to the right spot.

You may approach your outdoor spaces elegantly. It is a quick method to transform your unattractive outside area into a dining space, lounge, etcetera.

We guarantee that our skilled technical staff meets them. You may also get a free quotation from Plush Furniture right now.

Save 10% & Get Fast Installation Services Today

As the top online retailer in the UAE, we provide all outdoor flooring Dubai solutions under one roof. As a result, we at Plush Furniture also offer the top outdoor flooring installation and repair services in Dubai.

Our experts at Plush Furniture have extensive experience in all of these installation services. Hence, you may entrust Plush Furniture with your whole property. We deliver all of these flawless services to your doorstep at the most reasonable price.

We can comprehend your budget and provide you with excellent services at affordable prices. So, you may hire our staff and save time and money.

Outdoor Floor Tiles
Outdoor Flooring Tiles

Consult Us For Your Personal Preferences

You can create your own custom offers for your balconies, terraces, decking boards, patio herringbone floorings, and so on.

You may select from a vast range of colors, styles, fabrics, patterns, shapes, and sizes right here.

Our skilled team gives courteous services to consumers in order to gain their trust and establish long-term connections.

Reason TO Work With Us?

  • Support: Plush Furniture will assist you in every way possible with the appropriate design of your space.
  • CSR: We deliver eco-friendly, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions.
  • Wide Selection: We offer a wide range of outdoor floor tiles that are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all of our outdoor floor tiles without sacrificing quality.
  • Quick TAT: We offer quick turnaround time as we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to outdoor projects.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Get in touch with us or give us a call at +971502136026 24/7.
Outdoor Tile flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

Pavers are the most cost-effective method to achieve the appearance of concrete on a patio without needing to manually create a huge concrete patio. Pavers provide a sturdy patio covering comparable to concrete but are far easier to install and maintain independently.

Outdoor tiles necessitate the use of specialized equipment, including a huge and costly tile saw. Clean the slab well with a sharp brush and water and spray it with a power washer. Based on the number of gaps on your slab, fill them using masonry sealant or a gap separation membrane. Lastly, use a concrete repairing solution to fill in any cracks. Put a uniform amount of cement to the bottom of the tiles and carefully press it into place. Distribute the cement solution into the spaces between the outdoor tiles with your cement spreader until they are entirely filled.

Concrete is among the most common patio options and the least expensive material to utilize when constructing a hard-surface patio. Concrete is composed of stones and slurry; stones might be shattered stone, sand, pebbles, or sometimes shells, while the paste is composed of cement and water.

Yes, it is feasible to utilize ceramic flooring outside. You should, nevertheless, select the appropriate tiles and perform professional, waterproof tiling work.