How to Clean Curtains of Any Kind With Easy To Follow Steps

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Although it may seem like a major task, cleaning curtains is essential if you want to keep them in excellent shape. There isn’t a single room without curtains since they provide the residents with privacy, shield them from direct sunlight during the day, and even keep heat out of the space.

Even if your curtains are of the highest quality, proper maintenance is still necessary to keep them looking their best. The best technique is the use of a curtain in a way that spreads out all of the dust on it. The most important point is removing the dust as much as the dust on the curtain decreases the life of the curtain.

How To Clean Curtains In the Most Effective Ways

How To Clean Curtains In the Most Effective Ways

Cleaning your curtains is essential as they are an important part of your home décor. If they are cleaned well, they can maintain the look of your space’s interior décor.

As the best curtains store in Dubai, we have shared some easy yet effective tips for how to clean curtains of any kind. Some tips are as follows:

Read the Label Carefully

Check the label of the curtains to determine the correct washing procedure before starting the cleaning process. Curtains made of velvet or silk may be cleaned best by hand washing; however, other types of curtains, such as polyester curtains, may be cleaned more effectively by dry cleaning.

Make sure you know the best approach to clean your curtains if you want to increase their lifespan.

Cleaning Your Curtains by Hand

Cleaning Your Curtains by Hand

The safest method for cleaning any curtain is by hand washing. However, since physically cleaning curtains requires a lot of work, it is preferable to wait until the load is manageable.

Use a light detergent soap or a detergent designed for curtain fabrications like lace and silk to simplify the procedure. Curtain cleaning should always be done with cold water; always scrub the fabric with brushes or other cleaning implements, as this might easily result in fabric damage.

Because thick curtains absorb a lot of soap and water throughout the washing process and would take a long time to dry, you might want to try steam or dry cleaning them. Immediately after washing, let your curtains air dry to prevent the moist smell from growing.

Your Curtains Should Be Dry Cleaned

Light and colorful curtains are great for dry cleaning. You must be careful because other washing techniques could cause the curtains to shrink, damage, or lose color. To get the finest results when dry cleaning your curtains.

Avoid using harsh brushes or tools when dry cleaning, especially in case of hospital medical curtains, just like washing by hand. Separately clean each curtain. After cleaning, hang them out in the direction of the sun. Avoid using the iron directly on the curtains since heat ruins the fabricA towel or shirt is very important to give a smooth look to the curtain while ironing it.

Steam Your Curtain for Better Look

Steam Your Curtain for Better Look

Curtains can be cleaned and sanitized with steam cleaners, extending the life of the fabric if you have a large curtain. Placing these curtains on the machine is quite tough. It increases to destroy the machine. So, in this case, steam is the best option. It provides the finest look and better quality curtains.

Use a container that will allow you to monitor the amount of water you’re adding to the appliance, such as a gallon jug, quart jar, or another one. One teaspoon of detergent will give the best washable and make the curtain new and beautiful.

Start your steam cleaner, let it warm up for a few minutes, then clean your curtain as usual. As you clean, keep an eye on the water reservoir and replace the steam cleaner as necessary with new water and laundry detergent. Pay close attention to any stubborn stains that remain after washing, and use a spot remover that is suitable for the fabric.

Curtain Machine Cleaning

Curtain Machine Cleaning

The simplest, quickest, and most practical approach for cleaning curtains is by machine. As previously noted, washing your curtains in hot water might shrink them. Before washing, look at the stuff; on the other side, look at the machine you are washing. Then manage both the temperature and procedure for properly washing the curtains.

To ensure safety, use the delicate cycle on your dryer. The best washing conditions for high-quality curtains are moderate spin and cold water. Always use a detergent designed for your particular curtain material.

Only light curtains should be machine washed because heavier curtains take a long time to dry completely. Additionally, heavy curtains are not completely cleaned by the rinse cycle. For optimal results, air-dry them instead.

After Cleaning Your Curtains, Dry Them

After Cleaning Your Curtains, Dry Them

Curtains that are not dried thoroughly develop mold and smell bad. If you want the fast drying of your curtain and make the color and the texture as it is, then opt for the following option for better cleaning.

  • Try to hang all the curtains outside where they have direct exposure to wind and breeze. Too much wind is also not good
  • Avoid hot spots since direct sunlight might harm the curtain’s fabric. Learn how to block light from window without drapery system?
  • Instead, pick a location that has some shade. Your curtains can be dried in a washing machine if the material permits.
  • Read the label to determine the highest temperature your curtains can withstand.
  • You can dry them within a well-ventilated space rather than leaving them outside. To quickly dry them, keep the windows open and turn on the fans. Take your curtains out of the washing machine right before the end of the cycle if they are prone to wrinkling.
  • Heavy curtains should not be dried inside as this can result in mold and musty odors, which could cause spores to grow on your pricey furniture.

Cleaning Curtain Stains

Cleaning Curtain Stains

Curtains can quickly become soiled in addition to being dusty. Stains can be removed, but they can be more complex than it seems. The stains cannot be removed by simply washing them in the machine.

Many people attempt to scrub them with abrasive curtain cleaning tools, but as we already indicated, this can cause the fabric of the curtains to be torn, leaving them looking ragged and frayed. So, apply a premium stain remover spray to remove tough stains.

When Should You Clean Your Curtains

Cleaning and maintaining curtains is a challenging and time-consuming task. Even while you can wind up washing your curtains all day, if you know how to care for them correctly, you won’t need to wash them as regularly. To keep your curtains in good condition:

  • Every two weeks, take them down and hang them outside. Additionally, wash the drapes in a room with high traffic every two weeks and once a month in a room with low activity.
  • When cleaning your house, remember to vacuum your curtains.
  • Shake and beat free dust and grime before vacuuming if your vacuum cleaner does not have a preset for curtain cleaning.
  • Before washing, remove the weights, hooks, and tapes to make the curtains flat.
  • To keep wet surfaces from touching one another, hang dry drapes between two parallel laundry lines.
  • To keep the curtains from coming into contact with soiled and wet surfaces, use a floor cleaner that dries off fast and leaves no residue.
  • Use the products in this article for fresh and clean curtains that last a long time.


Plush Furniture provides efficient after-sale services and shares this practical guide for consumers. For a space to preserve its elegant appearance and feel, curtains must be cleaned and maintained. Use of the best technique is the only thing that helps to give you the best way to hang your curtains and manufacture them.

If you want a long-life quality of your curtain, you must follow the above instructions to get the best result. Usually, in the household, different techniques are used which are not good for the color and texture of the curtains.

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