5 Ways to Remove Scratches From Wood Furniture

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It’s likely that after keeping wooden furniture for a while, you’ve notched up a few scratches and dents. But before you go out and spend money hiring a contractor to repair the surface, think about ways to remove scratches from wood furniture that our experts have shared.

There is a big difference between a worn-out table with numerous obvious dings and scrapes on its surface and a stylish distressed wooden table as it helps to fix a scratch on wood. These procedures can increase the worth of your house, but the latter can essentially damage your entire decoration. It is probably worse if you have children or animals.

Here are some inexpensive solutions for wood scratches that will cover up minor flaws in your custom tables and cabinets without having to hire a professional or buy new furniture.

Even better, you can repair wood cracks and recover the surface using just a few basic household materials.

How to Fix a Scratch on Wood Furniture

Remove Scratches

Your furniture’s scratches should be felt. You may tell the surface has been harmed if you can feel the cuts and scrapes. Fix scratches on wood furniture by polishing or scraping the surface, which takes time and is quite expensive.

However, there are a few simple, low-cost ways to remove scratches from wood furniture you may employ without affecting the decoration of your furniture.

1. Use of Nuts

Nuts remove scrarch

The most popular method for repairing scratches on wood furniture is definitely this one. The procedure is rather simple. Pecans or almonds will work as well as walnuts if you are unable to get any of those. You can fix scratches on metal furniture too by rubbing walnut or almond.

2. Use of Tea Bags

This is another well-liked do-it-yourself trick for polishing wood furniture. Take a few sachets and steepen them in two to three tablespoons of hot water for just a few moments, based on the scale of the area and the number of marks you want to remove. Use the cotton ball dip it two to three time and rub on the scratches.

Try to repeat the procedure more than two to three times, and also use the coffee ground method too. It is an excellent and affordable method of fix wooden table and chair scratches and blemishes without squandering priceless resources.

3. Use of Iodine Salt

Iodine Salt

Use iodine to repair wood scratches on glossy or cherry wood furniture. Iodine should be dipped in a soft bristle brush or cotton ball before being painted on the scratch. Try to wait until it completely dry as the additional coat may damage the previous coat too. Use a mild iodine solution if your furniture is lighter in color. Don’t forget to apply a coat of wood polish to seal the surface.

4. Use of Vinegar and Olive Oil

Contrary to nuts and almonds, practically everyone always has vinegar and olive oil in their kitchens. Equally combine the two components, and then use a soft cotton rag to blot the mixture over the scratched surface. Apply the scuff of the wood in the direction of grain so that the scratches will be eliminated. No matter how antiquated or worn out your furniture is, it will look brand new in a matter of minutes.

5. Use of Charcoal


If you have hardwood furniture with an espresso finish, make a paste-like material out of some charcoal powder and a few splashes of water. Afterward, rub the liquid into a scrape using a cotton swab. To make your furniture look nearly brand new, use a paper towel to wipe up any extra charcoal paste.

Despite the fact that all of these techniques have been tried and true, you must keep in mind that deeper scratches are more difficult to cover up. In the event that nothing else works, you may always hide the unsightly scratches with accessories and the like. These are the more functional ways to cover scratches on furniture.

At the End!

Buy a gorgeous table cover or create one yourself if your dining table is looking extremely worn out and you don’t have the money to replace it. This inexpensive fix for wood scraps will not only cover up any faults and flaws but also give a splash of color to the space.

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